The match setup phase is an essential part of each match for postgraduate offices. It’s when you communicate your criteria, the programs that will be participating in the match and the preliminary quota (number of positions), as well as approve program descriptions published on

The following tasks can all be completed directly through your CaRMS Online account.

Update your provincial criteria for the match

Any changes to be made should be discussed with the client services team at

New programs

You can view a list of your school’s active programs directly in CaRMS Online. You can request the addition or removal of a program. Only programs that will never participate in a match again should be removed.

PGME accounts

You’ll find all PGME, program coordinator and program director accounts within your faculty. You can add/modify/delete user accounts in these sections.

Master program description

You must enter your province’s return of service requirements, as well as the citizenship and language documents that are accepted for all your programs. You can (and should) apply and save these same requirements for all your participating programs as the requirements should be the same.

Programs participating in the match

You’ll find a list of all your programs registered for the match in CaRMS Online. You must update this list every year to notify us of the status of all your programs. If a program is not participating, simply uncheck the box beside it. The program will be removed from the match and the program description will not be visible.

Quota (number of positions)

You should enter preliminary quota for all active matches Ideally, preliminary quota should be entered before applicants can begin applying to programs

Program descriptions

During this phase, you will have to review and approve all program descriptions submitted by your programs through CaRMS Online. Once you approve program descriptions, they will be posted on on the date specified on the match timeline.

For step-by-step instructions on how to update these sections in your CaRMS Online account, visit our Help Centre.

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