In the 2020 match year, new functionality in CaRMS Online enabled faculties to indicate, for each application submitted to a program, whether applicants would receive an interview offer.

The tables and charts below share data regarding interview offers from the 2020 FM/EM* match. This data comprises interview offers extended by programs—it does not reflect whether or not interviews took place. Comparable data is also available for the first iteration of the 2020 R-1 match and the first iteration of the 2020 MSM.

When reviewing this data it is important to note the distinction between applicants and applications, as a single applicant may submit several distinct applications to programs of interest.

Interviews offered by application

Applications that did and did not receive interview offers.

Offered interview 958
Not offered interview 1,720
Total applications 2,678

Applicants offered at least one interview

Applicants who did and did not receive at least one interview offer.



Offered at least one interview Not offered interview Total applicants
# % # %
Applicants 214 82.31% 46 17.69% 260

Interviews offered by application – Discipline view

Applications that did and did not receive interview offers, by program discipline.

Discipline Applications offered interview Applications not offered interview Total applications
Family Medicine – Addiction Medicine** 3 0 3
Family Medicine – Care of the Elderly** 14 0 14
Family Medicine – Emergency Medicine 911 1,718 2,629
Family Medicine – Palliative Care** 24 2 26
Family Medicine – Sport and Exercise Medicine** 6 0 6
Total applications 958 1,720 2,678

*FM/EM renamed FM/ES in 2021 cycle
**Discipline only offered in Quebec

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